Summary, part 1

Okay, yikes. So, I haven't posted in a while. That's how most of my posts have been starting out as of late, so in a desperate attempt to keep from repeating myself AGAIN, let's just get on with it.

So, I haven't been incredibly inspired to write or post, which is weird. A lot has been going on. But, I just haven't felt the need to share. Well, that, and I'm not really sure with whom I'm sharing anymore. But, I'm not turning this bitch private. My private stuff I just don't post. And, if it's THAT private, then I keep it to myself altogether. Something that caustic can do no good once it leaves my body/mind/mouth.

Right now, I'm waiting for Trevin to get home from work, so he can come get his Xbox, that I've been playing for the past two hours. Cris is at work, although we weren't sure if he had to work tonight. I just got done chatting with Phil, and he's about to make him and Jezzy something to eat. Oh, and a few days ago, he finally brought her over here to play with Jack - they had SO MUCH FUN! And, it was fun watching them. They're so violent, but pits play with their mouths (well, Jezzy uses her hands, too, since she's part boxer), and they weren't mean-fighting. They just play-fought. But, it was so loud, and Jezzabelle would throw her shoulder into Jack and take him straight to the ground, just like he was nothing. It was great. Now, I wish I would have taken pictures.

Hmmm...I usually have more to say than I think I do. I keep thinking maybe I should post every day, but I have a feeling that would get a bit monotonous. Plus, my thoughts are completely different now that I'm not depressed and stressed as shit every, single day. Less thought-provoking, more in the light.

I don't know. I'm listening to music right now, and I'm about to pick Oblivion back up and start playing again. My mind is going a mile a minute right now, but there are reasons behind it.

Cris asked if I wanted to move in together last night, and I'm still tossing that around in my head. I mean, I said yes. But, I'm nervous. I don't know what this is, and of course, you DON'T know, unless you try. But, I'm not looking for something temporary.

But, I still have feelings for Phil...and I'm PRETTY sure he doesn't have feelings for me (other than carnal - let's be honest), but I don't think I could get him to tell me one way or the other, even if I held a fucking bow and arrow to his temple. He used to be so good about talking to me, but things change over time. I miss him....

God, this is so sucking. But, hey. If this is as bad as it is right now, amen, my friends. Praise God for the ups AND the downs.

A guy I went to high school with referred me to a friend of his, who works on Hondas, and he's going to come pick my car up tomorrow (from the Waffle House on University, where it's been for almost three weeks) and take it to get fixed!!! WOO! Once I get my car fixed, I can get a job, and I'll be straight. In the meantime, I've been hanging out here...at home...doing NOTHING. I'm sure people on Facebook are like, "does she seriously live here?" Ok, for now, yes, I do. And, I HATE Facebook! I like being able to stay in touch with people I want to, but that whole whorish adding of friends and becoming fans of Starbucks and sleeping on your side, etc.

Whatever. Do what you want. That's all that matters to me. Everyone can do their own thing and leave me to mine. When our paths cross, then what's up? Until then, do what you do.

How profound of me. &=)

Ok, so right. Anyone have anything pertinent to add? Anyone even out there anymore? I really hope to get better with my blogging, but I keep saying that, so srsly - don't hold your breath. Omg, I finally got to see my Migs after about a month, and she brought me the ruling book of the century. All other books will be put aside until I can read this:

No, I don't know what it's about yet, nor do I care. But, a book with Jane Austin...AND ZOMBIES??!?! WHAT??!?!?!!! Yeah, I did the extraneous punctuation!!!!! What are you going to do about it???????????????????????????????????????????


Okay, Trevin's here. We're going to chill and play Xbox. I'll update more as I see fit...like, tomorrow. In the meantime, well, take it easy. I plan on doing the same.


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