are you a butterfly?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

are you a butterfly?

Current mood: exhausted

do i believe that people can change? absolutely. beyond a shadow of a doubt. i've seen it, and i've lived it. i actually had someone ask me the other day if i was an angel, and all i could do was laugh. i'm pretty sure i'll be washing dishes in heaven for a short eternity before i ever acquire any wings.

and you know what else? i can land a fucking mean right hook, in case anyone was thinking of crossing that line.

i'm working a double tonight, all the way into tomorrow (until 330p), plus i went to a show at workplay right before i came here (sons of william & alternate routes - both very good) - it's 11:23p, i'm going on about 3 hrs sleep, and i'm already about to fall out. i have to have my bone scan tomorrow, try to make it as far as i can through work, go do all my paperwork at trinity, then i'm going home to crash like a dead person. so, don't call me...because i'll be dead...and i probably won't remember how to answer the phone...just leave a message at the sound of nothing.

sleep well, loves. it's going to be a rough next few weeks for those of us who struggle. hope all is well with everyone else - i pray for you guys all the time.

Currently listening : Good & Reckless & True

By Alternate Routes

Release date: By 05 July, 2005

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