random nothing thoughts...

Originally posted Sunday, July 16, 2006

random nothing thoughts...

Current mood: lonely

yeah, it's just not that interesting to me anymore. it comes and goes. it grows and fades. eventually, i'm guessing it will just die. hoping?...i don't know. guessing?...probably.

i might be getting a dog, but i'm not certain.

and my weekend? weird...good, but certainly weird. really looking forward to my second job. i'm going to be working so much, i'll probably forget how to sleep. orientation is next week, and personally, i'm stoked. what i mean is > second job + stoked = no life. it's a pretty easy equation to come derive. there's no x's or y's or shit to solve for.

tomorrow will be a ponytail day. for those of you wondering, this means that i'm going to probably be 5 min behind all day long.

i'm so damn tired, but i have SO much on my mind. i'm about to watch the hey-eck out of some aqua teen. i wish i was cool, but i'm not. i'm about as square as i can be without being someone's mother. oh, but the concert is two weeks from today - one of the only things to which i'm looking forward...until my ship comes in...or plane...whichever hits first.

best wishes to all my readers. i don't know who you are who have given my blog 300+ hits, but it means a lot to know someone kindly reads and might be mildly entertained by the foul shit spat forth by my brain at the strangest times. my life isn't a lot, but it's mine and i appreciate it. strange things happen. i'd have to say, aside from some major mistakes, my life has been pretty bitchin'. if i can just keep the straight and menicingly narrow, i think it's all going to work out...i just don't know how yet. this (my life) is one book i think i'd read the last page first - i'm always curious on how it will end...

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