welcome to the fray!

current mood: in much pain

this will be short - i had surgery on friday (we'll just say on an unmentionables and leave it at that - TRUST me on this one), and i'm having a lot of complications, so i can't sit here for any extended amount of time.

i just wanted to tell everyone that i've posted this blog on blogger.com, under the heading "jimmy's head" - i don't really know how you access it, and i don't have the patience nor the sitting ability to find out. so, if you WANT to read the same thing, feel free to visit it there.

otherwise, i'm going to try to take a shower and lay down. i feel horrible. i'll write more later to let you know that all is not lost...yet...wait....uh oh. is that my __________ (insert gross body part here)? ok, NOW it's lost.

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