Originally posted Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Current mood: complacent

this is an addendum to the previous blog:

i've decided that i just don't care. no matter what happens, i know that i'm the only one on this earth who can truly make myself happy, so i'm sticking to my guns. if people care, they do. if they don't, the don't. i don't care either way. if i'm the last to know, then i'm the first to not give a shit.i love my family & my friends - the ones who have proven themselves to be worthy of my love and adoration. i don't care what others think. i don't really even care what they say. my life is about me & the things i want to accomplish.hey, i have a birthday coming up! i'll be 29! you know what i want? a crockpot & one of those vegetarian crockpot books. well, i want a LOT of things, but that's what's been on my wish list as of late. what else? um, an ipod video, some ps2 games, a camera, more books, some furniture, someone to fix my freaking computer (my motherboard is screwed up). i'd like to have other things like for aaron to give me all my damn pictures and stuff back & for someone to get the pics off my old hard drive, but i'd really be dreaming, then, wouldn't i??? *laughs* as long as i'm dreaming, i'd like to end suffering & attain world peace! i'd also like to go have a big birthday dinner somewhere fun like sakura with my friends & family. WOOO!!! i'm having a party in my head as we speak, and i'm the guest of honor!

oh man, i've GOT to find something to do before i keel over with excitement! i love you guys (most of you anyway!). i appreciate those of you who have stuck around. not everyone prides themselves on being friends with a flipping wackadoo who likes weird hair. ahhh, i'm just me, and if you don't like it, blow me!



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