what i'm doing RIGHT FREAKING NOW

Originally posted Monday, April 17, 2006

what i'm doing RIGHT FREAKING NOW
Current mood: indescribable

do you ever have that sucking feeling in your chest, like something is wrong, that things will never be right again? apparently i seem to be having a bad day, which was prompted by nothing. or maybe i'm just psychic. or maybe it's just gas.
i had a pretty decent day today, only 3 cases. still have to work with this lady at work, who i swear is bipolar. i think that's the new "thing" to have. i hear they're giving it half price with the purchase of an ipod video.
oh, and i'm all caught up on the first season of "lost". i became a shut-in this weekend and watched it. it was totally awesome, and i was totally jumping on the bed in suspense. it's like extreme gilligan's island - only this time maryann is pregnant, gilligan is a heroin addict, skipper has a degree in medicine and is hooking up with ginger, who is an escaped con, the professor could be mistaken for a terrorist, and the howells are about 50 years younger. i love that show.
i'm still in the middle of "fast food nation", but i went out and bought my own copy, instead of drawing in a loaner copy. i enjoy underlining in paperback books about as much as i enjoy a fresh, blank sheet of paper. i also bought "the omnivore's dilemma", "confessions of an ugly stepsister", "hoot" (for goose's birthday), and a small, plain, black scrapbook to put junk and writings in.
woah, i just remembered that i still haven't finished "the chronicles of narnia" - crap. i hate when i get bogged down in reading stuff and my brain is like,
"they say aslan is on the move - perhaps has already taken out the garbage..."
"and what about mr. tumnus," said lucy; "did he feed booboo after paying the bills?"
ok, breaktime.
so, sometimes i clean to relax - retarded, huh? except for dishes - i'd like to skeet shoot with those.
alright, jezzabelle just brought me a dirty sock. i think she's trying to tell me something - i can just never figure out what it is. "dirty, stinky socks taste BETTER than your dogfood?" or "i'd better start sleeping with my feet ON the bed."
who knows...

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