hollow world

Originally posted Thursday, June 08, 2006

hollow world

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"We make of the hollow world a fuller, messier, prettier place, but all our inventions can't create the one thing we require: to deserve any fond attention we might accidentally receive, to receive any fond attention we don't in the course of things deserve. We are never enough to ourselves because we can never be enough to another. Any one of us walks into any room and reminds its occupant that we are not the one they most want to see. We are never the one. We are never enough."
Mirror, Mirror
Gregory Maguire

Currently reading : Mirror Mirror : A Novel

By Gregory Maguire

Release date: By 28 September, 2004


Askinstoo said...
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jimmy said...

dammit, askinstoo, STOP POSTING ADVERTISEMENTS ON MY BLOG!!!! i would never delete anything anyone said, but this dude is getting on my nerves.