random nothingness

Originally posted Wednesday, May 31, 2006

random nothingness

to whomever reads my stuff...thanks.

i know i don't really have a lot of interesting stuff to say. sometimes my muse graces me with its presence, and i'm struck with what seem like completely poignant and valid thoughts at the time. other times, i just like to type to see how fast i can ramp this shit out of my head.

something that i heard on tv tonight (which embarrasses me to say i watch tv) - on this commercial, this guy said, "if your wildest dreams were granted, would i be in them?" i thought that was very thought-provoking. who would be in your wildest, truest dreams, had you everything you wanted?

sometimes i think i know, then sometimes i think i'm wasting my grey matter. only God knows, and i trust Him to lead me to wherever i'm going. it's times like this that i feel sort of drifting out into infinity, because nothing's happening. i don't feel my purpose. other times i don't really care, just as long as my body is still working like it's supposed to.

but ultimately, in the very end, what are you looking for?

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