early morning ramblings

Originally posted Monday, May 22, 2006

early morning ramblings

Current mood: exhausted

woah, it's 4:37a, and i can't sleep. i just went through and sorted all my emails that need to be printed. i'm so weird like that, i think. i'm about to go back to bed, because i know work will be hell tomorrow. b's graduation is tomorrow (i can't believe he'll be in first grade next year), then i have that art show with paula on tuesday.
i hate having things to do during the week, because it makes me feel tired already. i got a whole lot done this past week, like cleaning up my apartment. i made a list of all the really important things i have to do this week, but i'm sure i'll accidentally eat the list or something. i hate when stuff like that happens. and i hate the fact that i feel like i've lost my eloquence. my writings read like i'm in the third grade.
ummkay, i'm going to see if i can go back to sleep. i can already tell today is gonna be bad, just from me getting up early - that's not usually a good sign. well, i say that now, but then again, "work-bitch" won't be there ALL week this week. so this will be a peaceful week. and my family is coming into town in a couple of weeks, so i get to take a week off and go to the perch, which will be awesome. ahhhh, vacation.....i don't even remember what that is!
i wonder if i'll have time to go to the gym tomorrow. psh, i don't know what i'm talking about - this is ME going to the gym. i'll get winded just finding a parking space and walking to the door. i could even time myself - max time there, 15 min. maybe i'll just take clothes and change when i get to amy's. oh sh*%, i don't have money for gas. cripes, i hate paying bills. oh well, i'll scavange something. i could go give blood plasma during lunch (blech - plasma and lunch; lunch plasma - blech).
ok, i'm going...now...to bed...to lay my head down and go to sleep...like this & ). i don't know if i actually smile when i sleep - maybe sometimes. but i don't see anything on the keyboard that resembles drool.
kk, night all.

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