dead car - no biggie

Originally posted Thursday, April 27, 2006

dead car - no biggie
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it's sleepytime for bed now, but i just drove home from the pc, and if you canNOT believe it, i threw that bitch in reverse to back into a parking space, and my hooker car starting shaking and shimmying and then DIED right in the lot. i was cursing more than i've cursed in a long time, because i had to get out and PUSH!!!! i don't push that hard for a bm, so that was a f-up, totally.
and i totally drove home, screaming slipknot at the top of my lungs, and it was awesome, so what a screw to end the night like this. i have NO idear how i'll be inserting myself into the building for work tomorrow. shithead, i may have to pay my bff to take me, which will make me feel all bad and stuff. fart and nutcheese.
i'm totally habout to fall out right now, so i'm just typing what comes in from the air to my brain, then trickles down and leaks out through my fingertips. it's kinda cool like that. holy crizzle, booboo is getting into something that's crunchy - i can hear her from in here.
oh, yo, i totally just got done reading "confessions of an ugly stepsister" and it was AWESOME. very fairy tale goes bad, and i adore that. man, i have SO much stuff to read, which is good, but i wish my brain had high osmolality, so the books would just suck to my head as i walked by. then, they'd call me "bookhead" at work, and i'm not really sure how i'd take to that.
woah, it's been some time since i've been tipsy on delirium, so this will be interesting to read tomorrow. oh crapsy, i have to go drop my stuff off at the gym tomorrow. man, let's build this syke new facility and give it NO PARKING. god, i hate HATE uab. i mean the hate that i think everyone who works there and goes there is RETARDED.
we had this uber-crazy lady come in today, who always comes in with these weird stories (as in, she's like, really psycho), and we had to take an i-rod out of her humerus. so they had her under and everyone was talking about what a spazz she is, so i butted in (as usual) and said, "so, you want me to run upstairs and get her a highlands application or what?" they died laughing like it was funny, but i totally think she could work in the cafeteria or as a NURSE or something. hell, we're all crazy to still be there. but you know something? i wouldn't trade that stupid job for anything in the world. we're so crabby and bitchy at work sometimes, but i'm so lucky to have a jorb.
woah, don't wanna get all emo and stuff, so i butter go. hmm...think i'll watch me some family guy aforst bed. oh...crap...i think tomorrow's friday. woah, busy day - hope my car works, or i gotta ride a bus or pay a stranger. yikes. i don't care for strangers. but i do get my phone tomorrow, so i'm lil of happy about that. hell, i'd trade the phone for the car to work, so who'm i kidding?
kk, good days to all. God loves you, and He works miracles - i'm seeing it every day, when i never thought i would. no one's perfect, we're all just a bunch of dumb unsuspecting fucks wandering around, running into each other, being mean to each other - all i can care for is myself, and let God take care of the rest. say a prayer today, for anything or anyone. let God wholly take over one thing in your life, and just watch. it's like....MAGIC.

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