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I just wanted everyone to know that I have to prop my friend Laura's boyfriend, Lance, and his friend, Luke, because they saved a drowning baby the other day. I took the following off her blog (haha, I hope that's ok, girl!), so you could read what I read. this is pretty frickin' awesome, and if we had more episodes like this, I think the world wouldn't seem like such shit. Thank you, Luke & Lance - you rawk beyond all comprehension!!!!!!!! *hugs*

"Yesterday my boyfriend turned into Superman in my eyes- He and his friend Luke were going into his apartment and noticed a baby bottle on the sidewalk, and then heard the weak, gurgley cries of baby. I know he can't really fly, but I am sure God helped move him and Luke fast enough to get to the pool located across the parking lot to find a child (approx. 1 year old) in the pool. The child was on it's back, floating, flailing and crying in the deep end of the pool. He ran and jumped in and lifted the child out to Luke. During the whole time the baby was crying(weakly at first)- so he didn't have any major damage, and he turned out to be ok. Lukily for the child, he was face up in the water. Lance said his little mouth and nose were about the only thing out of the water. The fire dept, EMS and police came and checked it all out and took the baby to the hospital- but Lance said by the time they left the baby was smiling. I am so proud of the two of them and their quick thinking. They don't really know how it happened- but the baby is ok and that is the main thing. The only casualty was Lance's cell phone, work pager and his wallet- total submersion in pool H20 did them in. That is fine by me if it means the life of a child."

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