working on holidays BLOWS

Originally posted Tuesday, July 04, 2006

working on holidays BLOWS
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I just wrote the most awesome thing I've written in a long time (it was actually a letter that will never be sent). It was so good that even I went back and read it and laughed out loud at some parts. Damn, I'm a pretty good writer sometimes.
Sometimes...when I'm inspired. I wonder what my muse is. Maybe it was the fact that I wrote the whole thing while that stupid Oreo cookie song was stuck in my head. I don't know why - it was just there, and my brain just insisted upon singing it over and over...

Well, there was this one time that I couldn't go to sleep because I had the Golden Girls' theme song stuck in my head. I know I laid there all night, tossing and turning, closing my eyes really tightly..."Thank you for being a frieeeend...." I woke up the next morning, exhausted. I like when that kind of weird stuff happens to me. It makes me more aware that I'm never going to be normal...wait, maybe I meant to say boring, but I'm not sure.

Like, the other day, I was about to hit some type of wooden ladder in the middle of 65 S, so I slammed on my brakes and almost hit the concrete divider wall thing. I hit the ladder anyway, and it splintered into a million pieces, and I heard this screech and loud bang behind me. My first thought was, "OMG, somebody hit me!," but I didn't FEEL anything, so why did I think that? It's the radiation...Anyway, so I look up, and the car behind the car behind me pulls out from behind that guy and just drives away! I was shocked, so I pulled off the interstate and jumped out of the car to find something to throw at the car driving away. Of course, it's the interstate, so it's not like there are any baseballs or good rocks to throw, so I ran back to the other guy's car to make sure he was ok. He was ok, and people were flying all over the road and nearly killing each other to avoid the pieces of the ladder, so I ran back and held up traffic while I dragged all the pieces off to the side of the road. I was in workout clothes, cursing and throwing sticks - I know people thought I had escaped from Bryce. Heather got really mad when I told her and made me promise that I'd never run into the interstate again - but, hey, I didn't want anyone else to get hurt or hit us while we were out there. So, run directly INto the oncoming traffic - whatever.

I waited with him until the cops got there, so I could give my animated rendition of what happened (which always happens - even in church). We were sitting on the concrete dividers beforehand, and people were driving by and honking. For the life of me, I wish I would have had a picnic basket, blanket and some candles, so I could have made the moment more intimate - what the crap did people think we were DOING on the side of the interstate??!?! Yes, I always take my friends to the interstate - I enjoy "EXTREME DATING"!!! People are so freaking retarded. I even called the 911 dispatcher BACK and told him that people were honking at us, should we move our cars and he told me no, to stop calling. Ok, he didn't tell me to stop calling, but he did tell me to stay where we were, because the interstate is like a womb of security and people driving 2 ton vehicles would never DREAM of driving out of control at 90mph and hitting other human beings walking around outside of their vehicles in a stupor in 430p traffic. Um, he didn't say that last part either, but you get me.

So, that was weird. Normalcy is for wimps, though. This, coming from a girl whose idea of a good day is one that doesn't end in tearing through the front door, cursing and/or in tears, with her drivers' side mirror in one hand and missing a shoe. But, whatever. Yeah, that's what I said - whatever...

Screw this - I'm going outside to watch fireworks.
Happy 4th! &=)

So, I went outside to watch, and while I was sitting there, a roach came out of the bushes and wanted to tangle. I wasn't looking for trouble, so I got up to move, and when I got up, I hit my head on the "No Parking" sign and fell off the curb and almost killed myself - when I say "almost killed myself," I mean twisted my ankle and looked like a goob in front of about 1500 people. And, THEN I proceeded to cry at the end of the fireworks - hey, I've got a soft heart but a hard head - it all works out for the best. I'd also like to add that I'm afraid of spiders, birds, balloons & canned biscuits - thanks for reading.

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