a challege for you!

Originally posted Thursday, August 24, 2006

a challege for you!
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"WEIRDEST thing anyone's ever said to you on IM"

ok, so i was on the 'puter the other night, just surfing, and my yim pops open, and this guy starts a chat. i'm friendly enough, so i'm chatting back, and out of the blue, he says, "hey, btw, do you have herpes? i do, and i'm just looking for other like people to chat with." i was a bit stunned, so i sat there for a minute without answering. finally, i was like, "no, dude, i don't. um, sorry to disappoint..."

i wasn't really sure at that point whether to be impressed with his honesty or totally grossed out at his BLATENT honesty. either way, it was just...weird. i mean, don't they make a support group for that or something? *shivers* i've had other odd conversations, but we'll worry about those later.

SO, what's the weirdest thing a complete and total stranger has ever said to YOU on im? i'm very interested in seeing what you all have to say!!!

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Askinstoo said...
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jimmy said...

some jackass left a comment about how to make $900, and i deleted that crap - NO ADVERTISING ON HERE, DUDES.