confusion, unabated...

Originally posted on Tuesday, August 01, 2006

confusion, unabated...

Current mood: contemplative

i just want everyone know that i attended the baddest concert in the history of my life. aside from soad, family values 06 was awesome. we didn't make it in time to see all the bands, but we did see stone sour, deftones & korn. and my friends, we were in....."THE PIT". for those of you who don't know, i don't even think i can explain the thrill of it all. for those of you who THINK you know, i'm pretty sure you don't. being mere FEET away from jonathan davis & chino moreno - woah, i'm getting dizzy just reflecting back to my excitement.i do want to write more, but i'm at work right now, so i must be brief. aside from that, i'm experiencing some confusing thoughts. i can't really go into great depth, but my heart and my mind just don't match up sometimes. it's like they're on two different wavelengths. actually, it seems like my heart just throws itself out on the line, while my mind tries so hard to hold back and protect it. my mind is my heart's protector. but my heart is like me - stubborn. it just won't listen.

i'm so confused. my heart is so full, it fills like bursting, while my mind is still trying to form thoughts into words. words that make sense, anyway. right now, it's like "cheeseburger - form letter into the far back! green beans and contrast make bananas and break them. who does the exemplary phobia known to none," and then a bunch of squiggles & colors.

see? no sense, whatsoever.


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