a weird thing happened at work today...

Originally posted Tuesday, June 13, 2006

a weird thing happened at work today...
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my knee has been absolutely killing me for the past 2 or 3 weeks, but i haven't mentioned anything, thinking i'm being my normal hypochondriacal self - no big deal. today, though, i couldn't stand it anymore, so i told one of my coworkers to xray my knee, just so i could confirm that there was nothing there.

i'll be damned if my kneecap isn't broke slap in two.

i have no idea when and where this might have happened. possibly from all the genuflections i've performed in the past - they just don't make knees like they used to.

what next? i don't know. i asked one of the awesome surgeons downstairs (i hesistate to name someone who might not want to be named), and he directed me into doing externally rotated straight-leg raises (50, as many times a day as i can stand, to be precise), gave me some anti-inflammatory meds, and said if it doesn't improve, surgery would be the next option.

*^* woah *^* surgery. i guess as much as i beat myself up and claim to have brain tumors and the like, i don't think i ever saw myself as the "having-surgery" type. it just sorta creeped me out a tiny bit. plus, there's no way in crapshoots i'd ever have surgery at my hospital, but that's ONLY because i know everyone so well there. i don't want them hauling me over on the table while i'm under and saying, "damn...but she just LOOKS so LITTLE!" i've been in the OR. my daily life revolves around it. i know what people say. i'm usually the one saying it.

anyway, i thought the whole broke knee thing was pretty weird, considering i can take a hella-beating and come out only covered in slight bruises. who am i kidding? i bruise when the wind changes. so, these days, i'm a gimp with a limp. no more "tour de stat" for now. which really sucks, because i just got my membership at the new uab gym. well, i can still do upper body and look like a misshapen freak when i'm done.

ok, simpsons are coming on, and i need to make foodstuffs for my belly. hope all is well out there in the world, to whomever, wherever...

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