turd people

Monday, August 14, 2006

turd people

Current mood: pissed off

you know, i just wrote this really great thing that expressed all my anger and hatred towards "the turd people of the universe," and i clicked accept and all that great stuff, then i wanted to edit it, so i clicked edit, and apparently "edit" really means "delete" and so it deleted the WHOLE GOD-DAMN THING.

so, now i'm SUPER pissed off, and i don't think there's an emoticon for that. apparently, though, i wasn't supposed to share any of those thoughts about favors or turd people or the nuns, so WHATEVER. *fumes*

oh, i will say what i have to say. but now i have to go to bed and be mad for a minute. because i'm mad. because the computer eats words. MY words. but it won't eat my memory. and the anger is still there. i just wanted to spill it while it was fresh.

fuck, i hate the cosmic morbidity of the universe. my words are out there somewhere and some frickin alien is looking at them, like, "010011100101001001010100010011100110010101010010010100100100100101110010," because i imagine that aliens speak in binary code for some reason. and fyi, that spells "NRTNeRRIr". if you don't know what that means, then you're seriously out of the loop, and there's no WAY i can tell you now. binary alien is my fourth language, right under engrish, esplanola & that one where you talk with your hands.

i also used to wonder why everyone didn't speak english because it was SOOOO easy. i realize now, i was worng.

(for those of you who don't get my jokes, that was one of them - you all now i nevur missspell anythig)

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