to all my loyal readers...

Originally posted Monday, August 14, 2006

to all my loyal readers...

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...this prob has NOTHING to do with you guys, but just in case...i'm going to eventually try to WORK on my page, so it doesn't look so boring, because i hate boring things. it's going to look super-crappy while i screw it up with all this gay html, so i'm really sorry. like my lil online kitty is all cut in half, so you can't see him, and i like him. aaaaand, that's all i was gonna say, i think.

well, and my grammy is in the hospital, her left leg infected with "cellulitis," the most broad, general and stupidest disease known to mankind. not that SHE is stupid, but the infection is stupid. so the conversation with the doctor went like this:

"cellulitis, huh? well, where did it come from?"

"could have come from anything."

"ok, well, can we prevent it in the future?"

"no, it just happens."

"ummm-kay...so it just basically fell out of the sky and into her leg."

"well, we don't know where it came from."

i mean, should we have to pay for diseases that we don't know anything about? i say no. especially not if you're 84. and my grandmother. so, she's in the hospital, being treated for mystery meat in her leg, and i don't understand it. and frankly, i don't like things i don't understand. sometimes. but really in this case. at least it's better than the sandwich she had in her leg when dr thomas did her first knee implant (long-running inside family joke). from what i've witnessed with some docs lately, i'm pretty sure i could take a banana, draw a mustache on it, print it out a lil phD, give it a stethoscope, call it dr. nanner and dr. nanner could do a better job at rebuilding an ankle than at LEAST 15 percent of the jokers i know.

"Dr. Nanner, please report to OR 6. Paging Dr. Nanner to OR 6."

...now i want a dr. nanner action figure. i'm angry at that.

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