vacations are upon us all

Originally posted Sunday, June 18, 2006

vacations are upon us all

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i get to take vacation week after next - SO sweet. my whole ENTIRE family is coming into town, and we're going to do fun things, possibly go to the lakehouse, have a family portrait made, and just be us, which is better than anything i could ever ask for. well, almost...

then the following month, i'm going with heather down to st simon's island for a week, to explore, see her family and see where she grew up. i'm so freaking excited i could wet myself. the last time i saw the beach was the radiology conference about 5 years ago, and i was miserable, but it was for all different reasons.

i'm so glad i get a break...or two. hell, i'm not shy - i deserve this. i've had a hella-year, and i'm ready for the winds to change. i've got a lot coming up, and i'm trying to prep myself for everything. i'm looking out for so much, but i'm so impatient. He just keeps telling me to "wait", and i don't know what that means. it's something, i just wish i knew what.
one day, breathing won't be so labored.

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