hallow all ewe peepul

**Originally posted Saturday, April 15, 2006

hallow all ewe peepull
Current mood: indifferent

woah, i have 1 friend, and it's tom, that guy who's friends with EVERYONE. that makes me frown, like this &=(. that period looks like a zit - that's good, because i just happen to have one right there, at this very moment.
so, shelb asked me to post a myspace. i used to have one, but i got rid of it, LOOONG ago. that's ok. um, i'm tryna remember how all this stuff works, so if it's crap, it's crap.
hmmm...mkay - methinks i'll go read a book or drum up something on air cable to watch. i love being at home. it's so...homey. and booboo says hi to everyone who reads this. well, she says, "meow," so read into it what you will.

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