sup ya'll

Originally posted Saturday, May 27, 2006

sup ya'll

Current mood: distressed

hello, people. my baby cousin's new baby is here! micah phinehas, i think is how you spell it. i love phinehas - i think that name is the shit, although i might still spell it finneaus or phinneus or something like that. i just know how teachers are these days..."michael fine has?" ah, he'll get used to it.
anyway, he was 8lb4oz, i think, and some 21 in - already a recordbreaker, he was the longest baby the doctor had ever delivered! he's VERY beautiful, though. he has a mohawk of black hair, and the most perfect lil face on a baby. i'm SO glad he's not ugly - i hurt when people have ugly babies..."oh, he must have a WONDERFUL personality!"
so i went to see them this morning, went by the library, came home, took a nap, and now i'm up. pretty schweet for a saturday. although i am a tad stressed out for reasons unable to mention. i'm just a lil tired of things not going the way i'm TRYING TO FORCE THEM. oh well, apparently it will all come together. i'm still stressed as shit, though.
i have monday off (unpaid, thanks to "the system"), and i have no idea what's going on with the rest of my life, since my day planner was stolen. i'm handling this surprisingly well, considering this IS the second time this has happened. cam gone, phone gone, datebook gone, work badges & markers gone, wallet & within gone, books gone, so many other things that i can't even account for.
*sigh* like i said at work, i wish that there was some kind of fingerprint thing on your card, so that if someone stole it and tried to use it and it wasn't you, then LASERS WOULD COME OUT AND SHOOT THE MOTHER-FUCKER WHO WAS TRYING TO FUCK YOU OVER. or put lasers on your car, for when people are trying to get in a car that isn't theirs. that's all i'm saying, is give lasers a chance.
i hate people who steal...have i ever mentioned that? yeah, i know i have. liars, cheaters and stealers.
ok, i'm going to do some work of some kind. good thoughts abound for you all. have wonderful, SAFE weekends, and i hope to talk to you all soon!

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