Originally posted Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Current mood: hopeful

i'm feeling much better - MUCH better. i still don't have my voice back (which i know some of you would count as a blessing, so up yours), but FREEDOM IS SWEET. i'm not sure if i was meant to be alone, like forever, but right now is good enough. and it's nice. shelby's even staying with me tonight. i think heather might even stay with me sometime, which will be fun. we need a sleepover. that would be like medicine for me, to have some fun, just me and my best friend. i feel like i've been caged up like veal, which is weird. i just need to grow and expand - now, literally speaking, it needs to be quite the opposite - but i'll be starting the gym back soon enough. i know this may all seem cruel, but it was in my best interest, and that's good for me. it will be even better in the long run.

right now, i feel better. it's just going to take some getting used to. and i have plenty of places to go, if i can't hack it. i've already had plenty of love doled out to me (i'm such a friggin' weenie). i'm thankful for what i do have, and i know there's more to come. i'm ready for better. i'm ready for normal. i'm ready for GOOD. damn, i'm ready for something good.

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