my memorable memorial weekend

Originally posted Tuesday, May 30, 2006

my memorable memorial weekend

Current mood: apathetic

so this weekend, instead of going to spend the weekend with my family, i stayed at home to worry about people breaking into my house. i'm all out of money, so i drank spoiled milk and ate canned pineapple...then i threw up. but i only threw up the pineapple and milk, so it's not like i lost a lot. i would have eaten cat turds like jezzabelle does, but i'm not all too sure of the ramifications of eating cat turds on a human being. jezzabelle's never gotten sick, but i guess the whole licking her own butthole could be the antidote for the cat turds. i know i always say i have my head up my own ass, but it's because i'm exaggerating for dramatic intent. i really don't know, because i can't get my head down there. i'm at work right now, and i have a feeling someone is reading over my shoulder, so i'm going to have a lot of explaining to do. somehow, this always happens to me...

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By Eric Schlosser

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