even pirates deserve to get paid

Originally posted Friday, August 25, 2006

even pirates deserve to get paid

Current mood: ecstatic

i just got done getting caught up on my bills! hallelujah, jesus, i just paid bills! i know this means nothing to anyone, but i finally got caught up enough to pay rent, cellphone, gas, water, power, cellphone & even the minimum on my credit card. omg, i didn't think it would feel this great. i know i have almost zero left, but holy crap, these bills have been bugging the shit out of me for the past couple of months. it seems like the ONLY thing i get to buy for myself anymore is GASOLINE!!!!!

you guys, i'm working really, really hard with my money right now. i know it seems i've become a complete shut-in and totally antisocial...and i have. because it costs to be a friend. and that SUCKS. so, i've restrained from doing ANYTHING and going ANYWHERE. i wish i had something to show for all this negative money business, but i don't. but i'm trying. sometimes it's REALLY hard to keep from throwing my hands up in disgust and saying, "screw all this," and just moving back to pell city. where would i go? probably my grandmother's basement with my 40-something year old uncle. hey, i can work early on becoming "scary cat lady". my grandmother is kind of a cat lady, but she's not scary. in fact, she's the complete opposite of scary. which would equal "short, cute & kind angel lady who makes good food & has bad knees & one eye, but is not a pirate."

i have a feeling i'll end up being the scary version of that...which would probably include becoming a pirate. i wouldn't have a parrot, though, since i'm scared of birds. i get seasick pretty easily, too, so they might have to create a new genre of pirate for me..."homrate" (home & pirate) or "piment" (pirate & apartment) or "rentrate" (rent & pirate) or "big, fat, smelly hog" (a combination of many of my endearing qualities).

i can't believe i just paid bills. apparently, becoming an adult makes you a big loser, because you find joy in the STUPIDEST things. it makes me want to run around in the nude hugging everyone in this complex...except child molester. i can't think of any reason to hug him, even with clothes. *shivers*

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